Treadclimber Vs. Treadmill-Which Is Better?

Treadclimber Vs. Treadmill – which is better? The answer, like with most fitness inquiries, depends on your goals. Both the treadmill and treadclimber have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, so one device may be a fantastic workout for one person but not for another.

When it comes to aerobic exercise, the treadmill and treadclimber are two of the most well-known pieces of equipment in the fitness center. Although many people believe that treadmills and treadclimbers are similar enough that they can be used as a substitute for one another but in fact, the two cardio machines are not identical at all. 

For those who are debating between the two, let us compare them so you may obtain a better knowledge and decide which is the best option for you.

Although the treadmill has been a good system for people for years now, the treadclimber is becoming more and more popular as a very large treadmill replacement and may replace those who want something new from the classic treadmill.

Let’s conclude the debate: Treadclimber Vs. Treadmill – which is better?

There are numerous differences between the treadclimber and a conventional treadmill, making them quite unique from each other.


The design of the two pieces of equipment is the most noticeable difference between them. The treadclimber has two independent belts, called treadles, as opposed to a conventional treadmill’s single belt. As a result, it functions as a cross between a treadmill, a stepper, and an elliptical machine. If you haven’t seen a treadclimber before, it looks like someone sliced a regular treadmill right down the middle.


When compared to a regular home treadmill, which can reach speeds of up to 12 mph whereas, bowflex treadclimber’s top speed is at 4.5 mph, which means that any workouts you complete will be at a slower pace. Therefore, if you are a jogger or runner, a conventional treadmill is a better option. On the other hand, is a fantastic option if you like the concept of getting in shape by simply walking around.


Another feature that distinguishes the treadclimber from a treadmill is its compact design. Whereas a regular treadmill can easily exceed 80 inches in length, a Treadclimber measures only 57 inches in length, a significant difference. As a result, it is considerably more compact than a treadmill, making it an excellent choice if you have limited space in your workout area.


Treadclimbers are designed primarily for the purpose of walking. Because you’re walking, the impact is minimal. When you consider that each foot is walking on a comfy deck, the distance becomes much smaller. As a result, treadclimbers are best for bad knees as well as someone who is elderly or slightly injured. 

However, this is not the case with treadmills and they are known to have a greater effect. The bouncing surface is present, as is the force exerted by each stride as it passes through all of your joints. The treadmill, unlike treadclimbers, does not alleviate running injuries or shin splints.


What is more affordable — Treadclimbers or Treadmills? In short, treadclimbers are extremely expensive than treadmills. If you spend same amount of money, you will get a fantastic treadmill with all of the features you could possible want.

Inexpensive treadmills under $600 are obviously cheaper than treadclimbers, but  the well produced $1,500 to $2,000 treadmills actually compare about the same to entry-level treadclimbers like the Nautilus Mobia and Bowflex TC1000. The incredible Bowflex TC5500 treadclimber, is substantially more expensive at $3,999.   


Treadclimber Vs. Treadmill: which is better? Treadclimbers, as previously stated, are a relatively new technology with a shorter track record than the traditional treadmill. Treadmills are made by a variety of companies, whereas treadclimbers are currently solely made by Bowflex and Nautilus. Even though traditional workout fans will always prefer the treadmill but treadclimbers are gaining popularity in the home market.


When it comes to technology, treadclimbers are clearly inferior to treadmills. For example, iPod/mp3 ports have practically become standard on treadmills, yet none of the treadclimbers on the market now have one. If you enjoy music, the iPod dock as well as the built-in speakers will be much missed.

Treadclimbers include LED readouts that are comparable to the LCD or LED displays used on treadmills, and they track crucial workout statistics like speed, time, calories burnt, heart rate, and so on. Most treadclimber models also come with a vital wireless heart rate strap.

Maintenance and Longevity

The treadclimber has poor maintenance and longevity, and the guarantee for labor is only 90 days, which is quite short for this type of machine. Maintenance would need more effort, and, simply, there would be more things that could go wrong.

Most of the treadmills comes with a two-year labor warranty. A excellent treadmill that is well-maintained can last up to ten years. It is quite easy to lubricate treadmills than treadclimbers. 

Treadclimber Vs. Treadmill for Weight Loss

According to a study published on the Bowflex website, you can burn more calories on a treadclimber than you do on a stepper or a treadmill since it is like three machines in one. 

The results showed that you can burn 423 calories in a half hour at 3.0 mph, compared to 191 calories on a stepper and 165 calories on a treadmill. You will receive the forward movement of the treadmill, combined with stepper movement and low elliptical impact for maximize your results. This is a little overstated in my opinion.

When you burn more calories, you will feel as if you are putting in significantly more effort. This is the essence of energy expenditure. Walking rapidly and using the built-in incline could provide you a good work out for your lower bodies. You use the same muscles frequently because you’re still walking. The Treadclimber, on the other hand, is not designed for jogging or running. Both units are ideally used for cardiovascular and fat-burning exercise.

When it comes to calorie burning, treadmills are the best option. You can go downhill or uphill at high speed if you wish. If you incorporate an incline, you will get some amazing health benefits of incline treadmill walking/running. Because you can jog, run, or walk on a treadmill, you can do a variety of workouts, all of which are focused on the lower body and lower body strength.

Additionally, you can choose the amount of effort you wish to put in, and the treadmill will handle the rest. You have the option of choosing between an easy and a challenging workout. Running at a fast and slow pace on a treadmill burns a significant amount of calories and aids in weight loss

Can You Run on a Treadclimber?

Simply the answer is “No”, the treadclimber isn’t made to be used for running. It’s made to give you a extremely effective workout while walking.

The treadclimber has a top speed of 4 or 4.5 mph, depending on the model. As a result, you are limited to a a very brisk walk or very slow jog. The steep inclination of the treadclimber, on the other hand, aids in increasing the intensity of your workout.

Final Verdict: TreadClimber Vs. Treadmill

When it comes to choosing between treadclimbers and treadmills, it all comes down to personal preference and the type of workout you are interested in. We almost always opt for the treadmill, but we can’t shake the notion that the treadclimber is a passing craze, something that is currently fashionable for some people.

Because the treadmill can perform the same functions as the treadclimber, there are no significant advantages to using a treadclimber over a treadmill. The treadmill offers significantly more diversity, allowing for both flat and incline running, whereas the treadclimber just allows for walking. 

The treadclimber has low maintenance and longevity, and the guarantee for labor is only 90 days, which is quite short for this type of machine. Maintenance would need more effort, and, simply, there would be more things that could go wrong. If you’re unsure which to choose, the treadmill is your only option.

TreadClimber Vs. Treadmill (FAQs)

Can Bowflex Treadclimber be Used as Treadmill?

No, the treadclimber is not intended for use as a jogging machine. It is designed primarily for the purpose of walking. Is it not possible to lock the treadles together and use the treadclimber as a treadmill. 

Is the Treadclimber Really Worth It?

When it comes to choosing between treadclimbers and treadmills, it’s a matter of preference and what type of exercise you are interested in. If you’re looking for a low-intensity, high-efficiency walking exercise, the treadclimber is an excellent choice. It is enables you to burn a lot of calories in a short amount of time and is compact enough to fit into a home gym. So, treadclimber is a worth investment.

Is the Treadclimber Good for Bad Knees?

Yes, treadclimber is good for bad knees. During your walking, treadles will rise to meet your feet. Because they rise to meet your feet, there is minimal impact on your knees, and the movement is quite soft. You can simply walk and burn up to 2.5 times as many calories as you would on a standard treadmill (according to Bowflex).

Is the Treadclimber Good for Losing Weight?

Bowflex, the manufacturer of the treadclimber, frequently advertises that if you go at the same speed as a treadmill, you would burn significantly more calories, around 2.5 times as many calories. In my opinion, this is a little deceiving because burning more calories will make you feel like you’re doing a lot more work. That’s how energy expenditure works. Treadclimbers are perfect for cardiovascular and weight losing workouts.

What Are the Pros & Cons of Bowflex Treadclimber?

Bowflex TreadClimber Vs. Treadmill – Pros

A TreadClimber has various advantages over a treadmill. The following are the most important: 

  • You can burn more calories in the same amount of time.
  • Less stress is placed on the knees and joints.
  • You can work on a larger number of muscle groups.
  • You get the advantages of three equipment in one package.

Bowflex TreadClimber Vs. Treadmill – Cons

There are certain disadvantages to the Treadclimber. The most important are:

  • You are unable to run or jog.
  • You don’t have the capacity to incline or decline your position.
  • You don’t have access to the internet or touch-screen devices.
  • There are only a certain number of workouts available.
  • There is a lack of warranty coverage compared to comparable treadmills.

Can You Run on a Bowflex Treadclimber?

The Bowflex treadclimber isn’t built for running, with a top speed of only 4.5 mph on the most expensive model. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a fantastic workout on it. There are three workout modes available on all treadclimbers: stepper, treadmill, and elliptical. When locked in the treadmill mode, the treads of the Treadclimber are placed on an incline that is far more difficult than a flat surface walk.

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