5 Best Warm-Up Stretches Before an Elliptical Training

Stretches before an elliptical workout is an essential part of your fitness routine. Your elliptical training plan should include a decent warm-up to avoid injuries and prepare your body for the workout stress.

A good warm-up enhances muscle temperature, endurance, and speed, allowing you to run faster and jump higher. In addition, it improves your range of motion and mental attention. Stretching keeps your hip, thigh, and buttock muscles flexible and loose rather than tight. As a result, you’re less likely to suffer an injury.

So, what stretches should you incorporate into your warm-up routines before elliptical exercise? Well, let’s find out.

Following are some amazing warm-up stretches before an elliptical training –

1. Wall Stretches

Because you’ll be using your legs throughout an elliptical workout, make sure they’re thoroughly warmed up before you begin. This technique is one of the favorites for stretching the calves. It is easy to do anywhere at any time.

Stretches Before Elliptical, Pre-Elliptical Warm-Up Exercises

To perform a wall stretch, stand in front of a wall and place your left foot behind your right. Then, keep your left leg straight and press your heel into the ground while you bend your right knee in a lunge. After that, straighten your legs until you feel a stretch in the back of your calves. Hold this position for 30 seconds before swapping sides and repeating the stretch.

2. Step Stretch

Step stretch is designed to target both the calves and the shins. In order to perform a step stretch, stand on a step with your right foot to the back and only the ball of your foot on the platform. Bend your left knee while pressing your right heel into the ground. Before repeating on the other side, hold the position for 30 seconds.

3. Trunk Rotations

Performing trunk rotations helps to increase the strength and flexibility of the legs, shoulders, and core, while also raising the body’s temperature and blood circulation.

Stretches Before Elliptical, Pre-Elliptical Warm-Up Exercises

To perform trunk rotations, lie on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Place your arms at your sides and squeeze your shoulder blades together while keeping your neck flat on the floor. Twist the torso to the left while rotating the legs and keeping the right shoulder blade and forearm flat on the floor. Before swapping sides, hold the position for 5 minutes.

4. Butt Kicks

Butt kicks are one of the most effective techniques to warm up your legs and and increase your core body temperature. In addition, they help you to improve your running stride and posture. Butt kicks involve simply bending your knee and kicking your lower leg behind you in such a way that you are touching your heal to your glutes.

5. Pike Stretch

The pike stretch works your hamstrings and calves. To do a pike stretch, you need to stand with your legs so they are shoulder width apart. Maintain your hands shoulder-width apart as you walk forward, and keep your knees straight as you make an inverted “V” with your body.

Stretches Before Elliptical, Pre-Elliptical Warm-Up Exercises

This is very similar to the yoga stretch known as “downward dog”. You should hold the stretch for 30 seconds while keeping your feet on the ground.

Summary: Stretches Before an Elliptical Training

A proper warm-up should leave you sweating lightly to moderately but should never leave you feeling fatigued or too tired to workout… that’s why it’s called a warm-up, after all. Remember that the best warm-up is a personal experience that can only be gained through practice and experience.

Choose a warm-up exercise that engages the same muscles you’ll be using during your workout. The same muscles that were stretched before elliptical training should be stretched again after the workout. Avoid bouncing, and never stretch through unusual pain. Before attempting new stretches or changing your training program, visit your coach or a physician.

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