Where to Find Version Number on Nordictrack Treadmill?

Where do I find the version number on my Nordictrack treadmill? This is one of the most common questions Nordictrack treadmill owners/users want to know.

Before going to deep into the title, let us give a chance to introduce what is the Nordictrack version number and it’s importance in a nut shell.

In this article, we’ll show you exactly where to look for the version number on Nordictrack treadmill.

The Nordictrack version number/model number enables the manufacturer to determine which components were used on this model.

Several Nordictrack treadmill models are available, each with its own set of adjustments, and you will need the version number to specify them. So, if you wish to repair or claim a warranty for your Nordictrack treadmill, you’ll first need the Nordictrack treadmill version number.

Where to Find Version Number on Nordictrack Treadmill?

Users of Nordictrack treadmills need to know how to find the model number on their treadmills.

Nordictrack Treadmills come in a wide variety of configurations. However, they can be classified into two distinct categories: Foldable (latest) models and Non-foldable (old) models to identify the version number’s location quickly.

Foldable (Latest Model) Nordictrack Treadmills

There are three possible areas where do you find the version number on your NordicTrack treadmill–

Around the Motor

It is the most convenient place for many Nordictrack treadmills. If you fold the treadmill, probably you will get the version number below or around the motor hood.

where to find version number on Nordictrack treadmill

Around the Base Frame

The version number can often be found on the bottom of the machine. You should fold the treadmill and look around the base frame. The base frame lies just beneath the walking deck.

where do i find the version number on my nordictrack treadmill

Below the Power Chord

Rarely, Nordictrack treadmill models have their version number written directly below the power chord. If you are unable to find out the version number anyplace on the treadmill, you should also look in this location.

Non-Foldable (Older Model) Nordictrack Treadmills

There are extra parts for older models that you should look into once you’ve exhausted the other choices discussed in the preceding section.

Left Or Right Side of the Walking Deck

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to locate your treadmill’s version number immediately left or right side of the walking deck. 

On the Center Cross Beam

This is one of the most difficult and perplexing placements of the version numbers. Certain older treadmills will have the serial number on the center cross beam under the deck or on the hood (or under the hood on the frame).

Final Words

If you don’t know where to look, it can be very hard to find the version number on Nordictrack treadmills. However, if you adhere to the locations given in this post, you will be alright and be done with this subject in a matter of seconds. 

If you still didn’t find version number on nordictrack treadmill don’t worry about. There is a sticker on the front cover of your owner’s manual that shows you the version number or at least tell you where to find the version  number.

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