[Top 8] Best Treadmills Under $300 [2022 Edition]

Every day, a large number of people search for the best treadmills under $300. Cheap treadmill doesn’t mean low quality though at first glance many people think, a treadmill under $300 looks like a dead gift. The popularity of the treadmill has increased drastically and is rising every single day due to numerous health benefits. Cheap treadmill is a good thing to simply start running. 

There is a common believe that treadmill is an expensive machine, not everyone can afford it. I denied the above statement. Yes, treadmills are expensive, but not all of them are. Do you know that you can get the best treadmills under $300? Indeed, it is possible.

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to find some great treadmills under $300. Now the question is what to expect from a treadmill that is below 300 dollars? A low-cost treadmill won’t have everything, but it will have all the necessary features.

If you’re in a hurry, the table below provides a short snapshot of the most popular treadmills under 300 dollars available on market. If you want to deep dive into each model, scroll down below



Running Surface (Inches)

Weight Holding Capacity (Pounds)

Key Features


Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill

Best Treadmills Under $300, Best Treadmills Under $300

 50 x 16


  • Type: Electric

  • 2.25 HP motor

  • Large LCD display

  • Foldable design

  • iFit system

Merax Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill

Merax Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

43.3 x 15.7


  • Type: Electric

  • Motor: 1.5 HP

  • LED display

  • Foldable design

  • 12 preset programs

Best Choice Products 800W Electric Treadmill

Best Choice Products 800W Folding Electric Treadmill, best treadmills under 300 dollars

38 x 13


  • Type: Electric

  • Motor: 800 W

  • Digital display

  • Foldable design

  • 3 pre-set workouts

Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill

Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

 39 x 14


  • Type: Electric

  • Power: 1100 W

  • Backlit LED display

  • Foldable design

  • 12 preset programs

 REDLIRO Under Desk 2 in 1 Treadmill

REDLIRO  2 in 1 Walking treadmill-best treadmills under 300 dollars

41 x 15


  • Type: Electric

  • Power: 2.25 HP

  • 5 LED windows

  • Foldable design

  • 12 workout programs

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill, best budget treadmill under $300

42 x 13


  • Type: Manual

  • Heavy-duty flywheel

  • LCD display

  • Ergonomic design  

  • Foldable design

ZELUS Folding Treadmill

ZELUS Folding Treadmill, best treadmill under 300 dollars

 39.3 x 13.4


  • Type: Electric

  • Power: 750 W

  • Clear LED screen

  • 12 workout programs

  • Bluetooth connectivity

Fitness Reality TR3000 Manual Treadmill

Fitness Reality TR3000Manual Treadmill, best budget treadmill under 300 dollars

45 x 16


  • Type: Manual

  • Twin flywheels

  • 3 position incline 

  • LCD display console

  • Heart pulse pads

Review of Best Treadmills Under $300

If you are truly committed to purchasing the best treadmill under $300, attentively read the evaluations and you will be able to choose the best treadmill under 300 dollars for home.

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9i is unquestionably one of the most popular treadmills on the budget market, and it takes the top position on our list of best treadmills under $300 due to its excellent features that are not found on many of its competitors.

Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Folding Treadmill, Best treadmills under $300

This machine has a 2.25 HP motor that can reach a top speed of 10 mph and can support individuals weighing up to 275 pounds.

It has a 16″ x 50″ belt, which, despite its low width, is rather long for this price category. This belt is quite good, as it is equipped with Comfort Cell cushioning technology, which is meant to reduce stress on the joints.

While motorized incline is only available on treadmills with a higher price tag, the Cadence G 5.9i has two manual incline levels. This will gives you a bit more challenging workouts.

When shopping for a less expensive treadmill, the design and aesthetics are not always the most crucial factors to take into consideration. Despite this, it’s worth highlighting that the Cadence G 5.9i features a SpaceSaver design. As a result, it folds up easily, making it suitable for tiny home gyms and living rooms.

The large LCD display delivers your vital workout stats in real time, including time, speed and distance travelled.

A feature that many people will welcome is the addition of Bluetooth connectivity. This is not for the purpose of connecting speakers or taking phone calls, but rather to allow the Cadence G 5.9i to connect with the iFit system.

This service enables you to perform thousands of online trainings,  presenting genuine locations all over the world (communicated via your tablet or smartphone). You will get a elite personal trainers who guide you to do everything from calorie-busting HIIT studio classes to exhilarating global workouts. You may learn more about iFit by visiting their website.

You will get a 1-year motor and 90-day parts and labor warranty. Do you need anything else in this price category?


  • Most powerful motor available in this price range
  • Excellent weight capacity (275 lbs) and top speed (10 mph)
  • 2 manual incline levels
  • Space saver design, suitable for small space storage
  • Large LCD display to track data in real time
  • iFit available
  • Excellent warranty period


  • Belt is relatively narrow for long stride runners
  • Difficult to start the machine without an iFit subscription (although there is a way to bypass iFit)

The Merax Easy Assembly Treadmill is another budget-friendly folding choice that offers excellent value for its low price of less than $300.

Merax Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

It has a decent 1.5 HP motor offering a speed range of 0.5 – 7.5 mph (0.8-12 km/h), making it ideal for casual running and walking.

This treadmill is built to resist repeated pounding and can support a maximum weight of 240 lbs.

The running surface measures 43.3″ L x 15.7″ W making it suited for persons of all sizes, from thin to the more than 5’9′′ in height. A multi-layer shock-absorbing tread belt aids in maintaining the comfort of your knees, hips, ankles, and feet. The use of a silent belt drive system ensures quiet operation and minimal disruption.

The LED display delivers workout feedback, including time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate, making it simple to keep track of your progress. The two handles have integrated hand pulse sensors that allow you to track your heart rate while exercising.

The frame of a treadmill is lightweight and assembly is easy. You can easily folded up and move this treadmill with help of transport wheels

Merax Electric Folding Treadmill comes with 12 preset programs. The safety key can stop the operation immediately in the event of an emergency.

The smart device holder (tablet/smartphone holder) and USB ports allow the user to hear the preferred music through built-in speakers, which are not frequently seen on the treadmills in this price range. Two water bottle holders on the panel allow you to keep liquid close at hand.

Overall, the Merax Electric Folding Treadmill is one of the best budget treadmills under $300 on the market, and if it meets your requirements, consider this model.


  • Decent 1.5 HP motor with top speeds of up to 7.5mph
  • Features 12 built-in workout programs to get you started
  • Includes heart rate monitor pulse grips built into the handles
  • LCD display to get your workout feedback
  • Foldable design and build in wheels for easy movement
  • Have smart device and water bottle holder
  • Equipped with USB port and speakers


  • Fixed Incline

Our next option for the best treadmills under 300 dollars comes in a variety of colors to suit your preferences. The majority of treadmill models are only available in a simple black/gray/silver color combination. The option is also available on the Best Choice Products 800W treadmill. However, a white and pink color combination can also be used to give a splash of color to your home gym.

Merax Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill, best treadmill under 300 dollar

It has a heavy duty steel frame which is sturdy enough to withstand a 250-pound user weights. The narrow 13” width and 38” length of the belt isn’t ideal for larger users, but it does the job of accommodating most people pretty comfortably.

It has automatic/manual speed settings so you can let it run automatically and can set the speed setting according to you. You will get the 3 pre-set workouts and can choose the modes like beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can flexibly change speed with control keys from 0.5 to 7.5 mph.

A digital display tracks distance, speed and time; the handles are equipped with speed settings, start/stop buttons and heart rate sensors so you can easily track you progress. 

It folds up easily, and the built-in wheels make it even easier to move it from room to room, allowing you to work out wherever in the house.

The motorized treadmill’s control console features two water bottle holders and a media shelf for tablets, books, and phones, so you can stay hydrated, wired and in touch as you workout.

This treadmill meets all of your basic workout requirements. Many specialists advised and recommended it for basic workout.


  • Quiet and simple treadmill under $300
  • Allows up to 250 lbs users body weight
  • Compact design for easy storage
  • Transport wheels for effortless movement
  • Have Water bottle holder and a media shelf
  • Offers quickly switch between six preset speeds
  • Have a digital screen for tracking training data
  • Offers 3 preset programs
  • Equipped with hand gripped heart rate sensors


  • No incline options
  • Fewer functions

Are you searching for the best treadmill under $300 but worried about your space limitations? No need to worry about further. The Goplus 1100W treadmill is one of the more minimalist models on this list, but it still provides the performance that is required for a home gym setting. After utilizing this treadmill, the majority of customers have provided great feedback and high ratings.

Goplus Electric Folding Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

It is powered by 1100 watts electric motor, offering a speed range of 0.8 to 6 mph, which is more than enough for power walks and light jogging on the 39″L x 14″W large running/walking deck. 

The frame is built of high-quality steel and has a weight capacity of 220 pounds. It is possible to use the handrails to change the speed, start and stop, and perform a heart rate test.

It features a multi-function large backlit LED display that displays heart rate, scan, speed, distance, time and burned calories. The displayed information is clearly visible on it.

The console is very easy to use and features a built-in tablet/Ipad holder, so you can talk with your friends or watch movies while exercising on this treadmill. Many treadmills under $300, don’t allow this feature but Goplus is providing you. 

The Goplus treadmill can be folded easily and has wheels for simple transportation and storage. It takes fewer places due to its foldable design. Besides having a compact design, this is one of the energy efficient treadmill.

This treadmill comes with 12 preset programs to get your heart rate up!

It has extra safety for users due to its safety key button and emergency stop button on handrails. 

We are confident that you will be extremely satisfied with it’s durability, portability, and high quality.


  • Durable structure and convenient controls
  • Powerful and quiet motor
  • Multifunctional LCD Display to track real time data
  • Have smartphones/tablet holder
  • Comes with 12 preset programs and pulse rate sensors
  • Equipped with emergency switch on handrails for extra safety
  • Foldable design
  • Build with wheels for simple transportation
  • 3 years of limited warranty


  • No option to change the incline
  • Not ideal for extra obese users

Are you seeking a low budget treadmill but extremely effective for workouts? If so, then REDLIRO under desk treadmill is a right choice for you. It is a newly released products that features two interchangeable modes with varying speed limitations. You can either lay it flat and walk with a maximum speed of  4 mph, or raise its arms and run at a maximum speed of 7.5 mph. The speed can be adjusted via the buttons on the treadmill or through the use of the included remote controller. 

REDLIRO Under Desk 2 in 1 Treadmill, best treadmills under 300 dolalar

A 2.25-horsepower motor drives the unit, which runs smoothly and almost silently throughout use. It can withstand and sustain walking and jogging activities for individuals who weigh less than 220 pounds/100 kg.

Its non-slip tread belt and 5-layer shock-absorbing technology provide stable strides and less impact on the back, knees, and ankles during activities. Moreover, it is designed with a 41″ x 15″ walking area. Hence, anyone can exercise in a comfortable environment.

The monitor with 5 LED windows is designated down at the front base. It displays workout stats such as Time, Steps, Calories, Speed, and Distances, and it is easy to read. Furthermore, it is designed with an entertainment bracket that will hold your phone, so you can enjoy music or movies while walking.

There are 12 different workout programs for focusing on and accomplishing specific goals.

As the whole thing only weighs 57 lbs, you can easily carry it around wherever you want. From the basement to your bedroom, you can transport this machine without any trouble, thanks to the wheels!

You can control the setup of this machine using the remote control or manually, whichever you prefer. It also comes with a safety key that allows you to manually turn off the entire system in an emergency.

Besides having a compact design, this is one of the best pre-assembled treadmill. As a result, you can start working out as soon you receive the package.


  • Comes with an excellent shock absorption capability
  • Perfect for walking and jogging
  • Can be stored vertically or horizontally in a small space
  • 12 workout programs for achieving specific fitness goals  
  • Build in transportation wheels
  • Assembly is not required 
  • Tablet holder included for entertainment 
  • Easy to maintain 


  • No heart rate monitoring function 
  • No incline system 

Cheap products are generally assumed to be of poor quality, but a treadmill like the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill is out to change that perception.

This is one of the compact and best manual treadmills under $300 in the market right now. Since, it’s a manual treadmill, so belt is propelled by the user’s natural movement. As a result, you’ll have to put in a lot of effort. While most people would prefer to avoid the trouble of manual treadmills, one good thing about them is that they help burn even more calories

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

This treadmill is compact and lightweight, making it ideal for use in small space. In addition, the surface is non-slip, making it safe and convenient to use.

The belt (walking surface) of this treadmill is about 42′′x13′′, which is adequate for a comfortable walking experience. The heavy-duty weighted flywheel ensures a smooth and noise free operation. 

An LCD display is also available, which helps users to track speed, time, distance travelled, calories burned. In addition, the monitor provides a “scan” option to view performance metrics without effort.

The weight holding capacity of this treadmill is 220 pounds, which should be enough for most of the individuals. You should also keep in mind that most models in this price range cannot accommodate any more than this. 

This treadmill is equipped with wheels for easy movability. Apart from that, it has a foldable design that makes storage simple.

It also have stabilizers which helps to keep the treadmill even on uneven floors. So, you can perform exercise more vigorously without being concerned about rocking or tilting.

Without a motor, the manufacturer significantly reduce production and operational costs. You can buy this treadmill under $200

Don’t miss this opportunity to get everything for a cheap price.


  • Budget friendly structure 
  • Durable and suitable for small spaces
  • Safe and convenient to use
  • Performance can be monitored easily
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Non-slip running surface
  • Compact and foldable design
  • Build in wheels for easy transportation
  • Have LCD monitor to track progress and scan option
  • Equipped with stabilizer and soft foam handlebar


  • Non-adjustable incline

The ZELUS Folding Treadmill is a cost-effective treadmill that is ideal for use in the home gym. It isn’t designed for runners but walkers and light joggers will get benefit from it.

ZELUS Folding Treadmill, best treadmills under $300

It is made with top quality ultra-strength materials so that it can last longer and will also serve you better over a longer period of time. Performance will not deteriorate over time. It can hold up to 220 lbs comfortably.

The motor comes with 750W power and you can runs quietly at a adjustable speeds range from 0.6 to 6 mph (1-10 KPH). Your every stride is made more stable by anti-skid side strip. People can jump onto the sides of the belt once their workout is done to prevent slipping, when the belt comes to a stop.

The large 5-layer 39.3″ x 13.4″ running surface and impressive shock absorption technology ensures top-grade safety for the users.

A clear LED screen precisely displays your speed, distance travelled, time passed, and calorie burned. Convenient on/off controls and quick start settings on the handrail get you moving instantly.

It comes with 12 workout programs to keep your workouts interesting and challenging.

The engineers paid close attention to little but important aspects that assist users on every use. This features includes integrated dual speakers to enjoy favorite music, as well as two water bottle holder to keep you hydrated.

The safety key connector, speed control, and emergency stop button, all conveniently positioned on the handle, provide added security and control during your workout.

Most significantly, it includes c (compatible for both Android and iOS) as well as a Fit Show app that allows you to track your workout progress and improve your training.

On top of everything, this treadmill can be easily folded and moved to the corner of your room for storage with the help of integrated wheels and a 2-pin locking mechanism. Give farewell to oversized treadmills that take up half the room!


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Includes a five-layer belt that is extremely comfortable
  • Ideal for walkers and light joggers
  • Easy to move and store in a small space
  • 12 preset workout programs
  • Have Bluetooth connectivity as well as a free apps
  • Includes integrated dual speakers to enjoy favorite music
  • Have two water bottle holder to keep you hydrated


  • Not designed for extreme runners

The Fitness Reality TR3000 Manual Treadmill is our last but not the least alternative. In every sense, the treadmill is wonderful. You can buy it for spending around $240. So, it can be a great machine for your fitness journey.

Fitness Reality TR3000 Manual Treadmill, best treadmills under 300 dollars

This cheap treadmill is built with a sturdy and durable powder-coated steel frame that can withstand up to 325 lbs of user weight.

The roller belts on the treadmill are oversized (16″ w x 45″L) so you will get a consistent and smooth walking experience that only electric treadmills provide.

Unlike single flywheel manual treadmills, it’s twin 6″ diameter flywheels deliver a smoother and more constant workout.

It’s easier for you to set the incline on the Fitness Reality TR3000 so you can have a more challenging workout. There are three position incline settings of 8°, 10° and 13°. Pacer Control’s 8 magnetic tension settings give varying levels of challenge.

The extra-long safety handles with heart pulse pads are more than twice the length of the standard handles, providing additional stability and preventing any loss of balance. These handlebars are wrapped in non-slip soft foam for a better grip. The usage of cardiac pulse pads helps the user to determine their target heart rates.

One of the advantages of this treadmill is that it is a manually operated machine. You don’t have to be concerned with technical details. However, it comes with an LCD display console that shows you how far you’ve walked, how many calories you’ve burned, how long your workout took and heart rate. The console can be used to store the TV remote control or water bottle.

Batteries are included for the console when you purchase it.

In addition, this is simple to move and store due to its transportation wheels and ability to fold up. This cheap treadmill takes up very little space. People who have limited space in their homes can buy this manual product without any second thought.


  • Long-lasting durability
  • Perfect for almost all users
  • Suitable for smooth and quiet walking
  • Have extra-long safety handles with heart pulse pads
  • Has three incline settings and 8 level magnetic tension
  • Easily foldable and moveable for storage
  • Have TV remote control and water bottle holder
  • Low maintenance and repair expenditure
  • Keep tracks of time, speed, distance traveled, calories burned


  • Manual incline adjustment

How to Choose Best Treadmills Under $300?

There are a lot of things to think about if you want to get the best treadmill under $300 for your workouts. Some of them are discussed below.

Motor Horsepower: The horsepower of the drive motor determines the quality and benefits of your workouts. Even if you’re looking for a low-cost treadmill to use for your training, make sure it has a motor with appropriate horsepower.

Treadmill with 1 HP, 2 HP, 3 HP and more are available. However, your desired workout, as well as weight, will determine the final product to go for.

For example, a 1.5 continuous horsepower motor is used for high-intensity activities. If you are over 200 pounds, you should choose a motor with at least 2.5 horsepower. For running, you’ll need to select a high horsepower motor. A higher HP rating signifies a larger and powerful motor.

Belt size: The length of the belt is crucial because users have varying stride lengths and heights. If you have a long stride, you will certainly feel constrained if the belt is too short, thus this is an important consideration.

The belt should be long and wide enough for comfortable walking and running. Generally, you should choose a belt that is at least 36 inches long and 13 inches wide. The majority of the cheap treadmills have the belt size in this range.

Materials of Construction (MOC): You will be using your treadmill on a frequent basis, you want it to last as long as possible. Make sure you choose a treadmill of good quality materials. Steel frames are a great choice. It creates a robust framework that can supports higher weight. They are long-lasting and will serve you for many years. Material from ABS is also fantastic.

As a result, look for a treadmill with a steel frame for the best performance and durability.

Weight Holding Capacity: Each treadmill has a certain weight holding limit. If you exceed this capacity, your treadmill may be damaged. Prior to purchasing any treadmill, ensure that you do not exceed its maximum weight capacity. It is better to choose a treadmill that have at least 50 pounds more weight holding capacity than user weight (pounds).

However, cheap treadmills are capable of holding individuals weighing up to 300 pounds that may be sufficient for most of the users.  

Foldable & Compact Footprint: Your home gym might have limited space. This could mean you will want to make use of any space left, such as under your desk. Foldable treadmills can free up valuable space in your home or office. However, some treadmill still occupy your space after folding.

The great news is that you can find a cheap treadmill that features a folding design for compact spaces. Make sure to buy a foldable treadmill since they allow you to store them safely into a tiny corner or under the bed/ desk.

Portability: Some models are equipped with wheels and have lightweight (less than 55 pounds) for easy movement from one place to another meaning that you can exercise anywhere in your home. You should check the weight of the treadmill and presence of in-build wheels before buying it. Consider this features attentively if you don’t have fixed space for workout or wish to make workout at different places.

Speed: The majority of electric treadmills have variable speeds, allowing you to run at your chosen pace. Cheap treadmills usually have a maximum speed of 7.5 miles/hour. In manual treadmill, maximum walking/jogging speed are achieved via self-powered workout.

Inclination: The majority of treadmills currently have this feature and offer multiple inclination, often ranging from -3 to +15 degrees. The amount of calories burned during workout increases dramatically when you are walking/running on a higher inclination.

Shock Absorption Features: A cushioned running deck absorbs shock and reduces stress, allowing you for a more comfortable workout. The belt should not become unstable, as this would throw you off balance. Therefore, you should buy a treadmill with shock absorbers if you want to get smooth-running experience and longer durability of your treadmill.

Quiet Operation: You may have a study room adjacent to your home gym. Or perhaps the noise from your training room might distract your family members. So, why not you purchase a treadmill with a quiet motor? 

Search for a treadmill which motor does not create noise during operation. 

LCD Screen: Your should have a high-definition monitor that shows your workout information such as speed, time, calories burned and distance travelled etc. When looking to buy a treadmill, choose a model that have a LCD screen and more workout programs. It will visualize your workout progress and keep you motivating to achieve fitness goals.

Secondary Features: Secondary features are limited in the inexpensive range, in contrast to the built-in speakers, full HD screen, and unlimited connectivity choices seen on premium treadmills. You will still see a variety of additional features introduced because each company tries to have a product that is different from their competition.

This might be as basic as a speed control button in the handle to let you to track your performance through smart devices right up to Bluetooth connectivity. These features should only be regarded as a bonus along with items such as cup pads, towel hooks and gadget holders.

If you want to buy something, look at the core performance and power it offers, rather than the connectivity possibilities it has to offer.

Safety: A safety key, emergency stop button, and foam textured handrails provide an additional layer of protection. Consider safety features before purchasing a treadmill under 300 dollars.

Final Verdict

The article has looked at best treadmills under $300 price range. Overall, I believe that both types of cheap treadmills under $300 are good for the price and appropriate for people who wish to start running.

The majority of them are made of high quality materials, compact and lightweight, taking up little space. Some of them have adjustable incline which are more than enough for walking and running. They don’t have many features, but they are still a suitable option for those on a tight budget. If I had $300 to spend on a treadmill, I would choose a cheap motorized/self-powered treadmill because I need the treadmill to run.

You can choose from any of the products listed above based on your specifications and expectations.

But, one thing you should keep in mind that-

Do not compare a low budget treadmill (even the best one) with a high budget treadmill. It’s simply not fair. The more expensive treadmills are nicer. That’s why they’re more expensive

It’s time to say goodbye now. If you need any additional information, please leave a remark below. We will respond to your inquiry as soon as possible with finest solution.


Can a treadmill under $300 be used for commercial purposes?

There are several heavy-duty treadmills under $300, but they are not suitable for commercial usage. Inexpensive treadmills do not have durable frames and higher capacity motors, as well as other elements. This means it won’t be able to handle huge loads on a regular basis. 

It is best to use budgetary treadmills for home use because you will not be jogging on a treadmill for 12 hours a day at home. Budget treadmills can be used for a maximum of two to three hours each day and are not intended for prolonged use.

Which are the best treadmill under $300?

If you are searching a cheap treadmill under $300, you can choose one from below-

  1. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Treadmill-Editor’s choice best treadmill under $300
  2. Merax Easy Assembly Treadmill-Best value treadmill under 300 dollars
  3. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M Treadmill

We are suggesting you to read our review article on best treadmill under $300 to find out your desired treadmill to achieve your fitness goals.

Are cheap treadmills under 300 dollars worth the money?

There is a chance to get disappointed if you are searching for cheap electric treadmills under $300 with high expectations. Keep in mind that a low-cost treadmill will not be as common as gym-grade treadmills.

If you are seeking for a trustworthy and smooth operating treadmill, then any of our listed best treadmill under $300 will satisfy you and make your money worth as well.

Where to buy best treadmills under 300 Dollars?

Treadmills under 300 dollars are available both online and in physical stores. When looking to purchase a treadmill under $300, it is important to find a reputable and trustworthy seller. Amazon.com is the most popular online retailer for treadmill.

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