How to Clean a Treadmill Belt? Simplest and Most Effective Method

Cleaning a treadmill belt is actually a simple and inexpensive procedure. It can dramatically extend the life of your treadmill. Additionally, it can assist in operating your treadmill at peak performance and preventing future dirt accumulation. So, it’s a good idea to know how to clean a treadmill belt, whether you currently have one or are planning to buy one.

Let’s take a look at how to clean a treadmill belt.

How to Clean a Treadmill Belt?

  • Cleaning of the Top Surface of a Treadmill Belt

Step 1: Before you begin, disconnect the treadmill from the power source.

Step 2: Remove dust that has gathered on the belt using an anti-static duster or lint-free cloth or dust buster small vacuum. Remove and collect the dust in such a way that can prevent the accumulation of it again in any accessible surfaces surrounding and beneath the belt.

Step 3: Use a belt wet cloth to clean the belt. Make sure that no water drips on the belt during cleaning. It is better to use treadmill belt cleaner. Rotate the belt by hand to ensure that it covers the entire belt surface. 

Step 4: Dry the treadmill belt with a paper towel/dry towel, rotating the belt around to ensure that all sections are dry before continuing.

  • Cleaning of the Underside of a Treadmill Belt

Cleaning the underside of the treadmill belt is a very critical step that many people forget. The simplest and most effective method of cleaning a treadmill belt would be as follows:

Step 1: Take a clean dry rag which is larger than the width of the belt (a towel or an old t-shirt seems to work well) and slide it beneath the belt from one side to the other.

Step 2: Holding both sides of the cloth, steadily move the rag from the top to the bottom of the treadmill. 

Then repeat the process, pulling the rag from right to left to remove any extra wax or debris from the running deck surface while also cleaning the underside of the belt. 

Step 3: Repeat Step 2 by manually rotating the belt 180 degrees.

Cleaning underneath the running belt can remove some of the lubrication, so it’s important to check that the belt and running deck are still sufficiently lubricated.

This video shows you how to clean a treadmill’s belt.

Final Words-How to Clean a Treadmill Belt

Maintaining a clean treadmill belt will help you avoid further costs, hassles and downtime. It’s a good idea to calendar regular cleanings throughout the year. Cleaning of your treadmill belt doesn’t take long time (almost half-hour) but it will offer you many more hours of usage. 

Lubrication of the treadmill belt may be required after cleaning the underside. This is another quick and simple maintenance task.

If you incorporate a weekly belt cleaning practice into your workout, you will get a greater return on your investment.

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