What Treadmill Does Planet Fitness Use?

You’ve probably heard of Planet Fitness, even if you’ve never been to a gym. It is one of the most popular commercial gyms in the United States, and you can generally find many of them in your particular location. Sometimes we find many enthusiastic runners who are curious to learn what brand of the treadmill does planet fitness use? 

Planet Fitness members can utilize any of their gyms no matter where they are situated, which is a terrific perk. That implies that if you are on vacation, all you need to do is locate the nearest Planet Fitness to maintain your training regimen without entirely disrupting it. 

Before going too deep into the title “what treadmill does planet fitness use” let us give a chance to introduce some fascinating facts of planet fitness in a nutshell.

  • The company reports that it has 2,039 clubs. That number exceeds that of any of its competitors; no other gym chain even comes close. This effectively means that no matter where you go, you will be able to find Planet Fitness, even in small communities.     
  • Over many years, this franchise has drawn in a diverse group of fans. They advertise that they serve those who don’t go to the gym regularly, and they’ve branded themselves as a judgment-free zone. Indeed, if you visit them, you will encounter people from different walks of life. You will find regular gym bodybuilders as well as newcomers. Additionally, they provide personal trainers.      
  • There was a time when having a gym membership would drain your bank account. So only a small number of individuals could afford it; to put it in context, Plant Fitness was the first to introduce low-cost gym memberships.                              
  • The company reports that as of 2019, there are 80 corporate-owned gyms, the rest independently owned and operated. They sincerely believed in empowering people to succeed through Planet Fitness’ model.

What Treadmill Does Planet Fitness Use?

Planet Fitness, the world’s largest consumer of commercial fitness equipment, has inked a two-year approved vendor agreement with Precor, the leading brand in Amer Sports’ Fitness business unit.

This arrangement gives Planet Fitness franchisees the option of outfitting their clubs with the full line of Precor commercial cardiovascular and strength equipment. Precor and Planet Fitness are also collaborating to create and provide more digital services to its members.

They also have a trademark called Queenax, which is known as the world’s most unique functional and suspension training system.

Planet Fitness Treadmill Features

Planet fitness have the best treadmills in the fitness industry, with features such as:

What Treadmill Does Planet Fitness Use


Planet Fitness Treadmills are built with commercial-grade heavy-duty components, such as wide track rollers and wax-free tracks, to provide the most convenient movement possible for the users.


A FlexDeck cushioning is used on planet fitness treadmills, which reduces impact by up to 30%. Some models have adjustable cushioning. So, they offer the perfect treadmills for bad knees, arthritis, and joint pain.


There are a variety of Planet Fitness treadmill models available, ranging in length from 55 to 60 inches and in width from 20 to 22 inches.

Weight Limit

Planet fitness treadmill weight limit can vary a lot, with the highest model able to accommodate persons weighing up to 400 pounds.


Planet fitness treadmills has a top speed of 15 miles per hour.


Planet fitness treadmills has incline up to 15% in 0.5 percent increments.


The majority of planet fitness treadmills are pre-programmed with 13 to 16 workouts and are compatible with third-party Apple and Android apps. This makes your workouts more interesting and keeps you from getting bored. If you choose for the Platinum Club Series, you’ll receive touchscreen consoles that make exercising even more convenient.

Furthermore, their consoles are very easy to use and keep up with the latest technology.

Heart Rate Monitor

Planet fitness treadmills have a computerized cardiac frequency monitoring system that continuously monitors the user’s heart rate zone during the session. Additionally, the majority of models include a HeartSync training program, which is customized based on the readings of each unique user.


Most planet fitness treadmills are equipped with features such as reading racks, LED screens, water bottle holders, Bluetooth, accessory trays, and other features that make using the treadmill more easy for the user.

How to Use Planet Fitness Treadmill?

If you’re a new member and have no idea how to use planet fitness  treadmills, don’t worry. These are very easy to use, and you can start using them on your first attempt. Additionally, instructors are on hand to teach you how to use Planet Fitness treadmills and other accessories.

  • On the control panel, there is a button labeled ‘Quick start.’ Press this button to get started.
  • There are separate settings for the incline and the speed. Both have opposite-facing arrow keys adjacent to them for controlling the values. For fast running and make your running more difficult, you should raise the values at your desired level.
  • Place your hands on the sidebars to see your heart rate. A screen will show your heart rate.
  • There are some advanced modes that allow you to customize your speed and incline according on your age, weight, and heart rate. You are free to make use of them.

Using a treadmill at Planet Fitness is simple. You can see the following videos on how to use a treadmill at planet fitness for further better understanding-

Final Words

Planet Fitness has a lot of cardio equipment, which is great because many gyms lack it. They maintains a variety of treadmills that are suitable for everyone from mild gym users to heavy gym users. Customers and experts in the fitness industry both like the treadmills of Planet Fitness because they are well-built machines with adequate cushioning and a wide range of console options. 

Precor manufactures treadmills for general customers, but that is distinct from the treadmills used in Planet Fitness. Planet Fitness offers high-quality treadmills at low cost to its devoted members.

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